Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful things in your life. You can hold your bundle of joy and experience absolute & sheer happiness knowing they are yours. But before this moment can occur, you know you have to go through the process of actually bringing the little human into this world.

When the time is nearing, you need a private midwife to help you with the pregnancy, labor, delivery, post-partum and the overall parenting as well. For this, you need someone who is highly experienced who will help you with the whole process without any problem.

Getting on the same page

One of the first things that you need to consider when hiring a midwife is to be sure even if you want one or not. It is encouraged that soon-to-be parents first try to understand why they need one. For this, they need to decide answers to certain questions such as wanting a hospital birth or not, your pain threshold and many others.

Since you are hiring a midwife, then it is best that you get on the same page with them about what they need to do.

Fill them in with the right information

Another thing that you need to do when hiring a midwife is to give her the right information. She is going to be helping you with one of the most difficult processes that you have to experience. They will ask you questions so even they can determine how to take your case forward.

Many a times, there are cases which need to taken in by an OB-GYN only as they may be very high risk.

Know the difference between midwifes

In the current age, there is not just one type of midwife. There are multiple ones present based upon the level of experience and the education that they possess.

A Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) is a medical professional who has completed graduate-level programs in midwifery and is licensed and certified to practice in America. CNMs are equipped to handle all problems that can occur during pregnancy, labor and birth.

A direct-entry midwife is trained to become a midwife without becoming a nurse. They are independent practitioners who learn the skill by involving themselves in self-study, apprenticeship and midwifery school or college.

Check with your local hospital


When selecting the midwife, you need to check in with your local hospital to see if any midwifes help with birthing and delivery over there. The hospital can help find you someone with the right experiences and technical knowledge to help you out.

We hope that these tips will help you in finding the right person to help you with this beautiful process and welcome the little one in this world.