The three branches of government are the executive, legislative and judiciary. Each of these departments has their separate powers and functions in order to promote peace and progress in a country.

All the three branches are essential except that the judicial branch is solely responsible for serving justice to its citizens. In cases where there are human rights violations or simply when people violate a certain law or decree, they are liable for their actions. The complaint against a person of interest could be a criminal or a civil case.

This is where process servers in Brisbane come in. In simple terms, they are like messengers or correspondents who will bring the necessary papers or documents of a lawsuit at your doorstep. Process servers are designated by courts to indirectly inform you of a complaint from a plaintiff. To have a clearer perspective of what process servers bring to you, here are some concrete examples:

Court papers and documents

This includes court orders, notice of hearing, subpoenas and other similar documents like a notice of eviction from a property or a dismissal of a case due to insufficient grounds.

Divorce applications

In most  Western countries, the wife usually initiates divorce applications and ask their husbands to give consent by affixing his signature on the application. If relationships don’t work anymore, dissolution of marriage is at hand.

Applications for correcting or changing a name

This kind of application is approved based on the court’s discretion. Upon approval, the court will publish the application three times in a newspaper of general circulation. If no complaints or objections are made by any party, the processing of related documents follows smoothly.

Claims or statement of claims

There are two general types of claims that an individual can pursue. A concrete example is a claim of maternity or paternity. When a child assumed that he or she is illegitimate, and suddenly, someone comes to prove the claim by DNA testing, the whole process should be settled in court especially when other interested individuals oppose the claim based also on sufficient grounds.

On the other hand, a monetary or property claim can be settled amicably outside of the court. If the parties are still in disagreement despite the move, the case can be brought up to higher courts.

Affidavit of Desistance

If a plaintiff or a complainant decides on the last minute not to pursue the case, he should file this kind of affidavit in order for the accused to be informed also of the development. It is a document or a waiver stating that the case should be dismissed earlier in order not to cause legal impediments or moral damages.

These are some of the possible documents that you may receive from process servers. The job is really not easy because some people may end up very angry when they receive communications coming from the courts. The following questions and explanations will surely answer your queries and concerns:

What happens when people don’t want to be served?

There is no need to worry when clients don’t want to personally receive a letter of complaint despite your lengthy explanations. In order to stay away from trouble, you can just place it on the doorstep or on a table for them to check back later during the day.