Lawyers today are more visible than in the past. You see a lot of ads for lawyers online, on the sides of buses, magazines, and on TV. The latest attractive catchphrase posted on ads is their being “No Win No Fee” lawyers.

An individual facing a legal problem with no money to pay for a lawyer will likely find this offer inviting. Yet, what do No Win No Fee lawyers have to offer?

What are the “no-win, no-fee” scenarios?

What are no win no fee lawyers?

Generally, personal injury litigation is the ideal scenario for the No Win No Fee agreement. It means that an individual, after acquiring a slip and fall injury in a public place such as a car accident can sue for compensation.

Other legal cases such as family or criminal law are not covered by the No Win No Fee agreement. Known as conditional or contingent costs agreements, No Win No Fee agreements are limited by strict legislative rules.

Simply put legal representation in all forms need payment upfront except for personal injury settlement agreements. The favourable outcome in a personal injury case allows No Win No Fee lawyers to collect their fees.

Overall, the No Win No Fee agreement provides individuals an easier way to hire a lawyer plus the chance to get the best favourable settlement for their injury case.

Things to watch out for

Engaging the services of a lawyer based on the No Win No Fee should be looked into even when the phrase seems to be straightforward.

Will they take on your case?

The No Win No Fee is a catchphrase that means a lawyer will only take your case if he/she sees that there’s a good chance of winning. A No Win No Fee lawyer will tell you right off if your particular case is not likely to succeed.

Know what is involved in the “Win”

It’s best to know what “Win” really means to your case. While the lawyer can settle your claim either in or out of court, the amount “won” might not be the amount you’ve envisioned.

Being aware of the “No Fee”

You understand that the professional charges of the lawyer are what the “No Fee” is for. However, expenses such as the costs of lodgement and court action, expert witnesses’ costs, medical assessments costs, and more are disbursements that will be taken off from the settlement amount other than the lawyer’s fee.

The risk of losing your case

Going to court for a compensation entitlement is always risky. You might or might not succeed. In case you lose, the legal costs of the other party will become your financial burden.

Interest charge

Find out whether the lawyer charges a certain “interest” fee from the time he/she takes on your case. While the agreement is paying only after achieving a favourable outcome, interest charges are some of the hidden fees you might have to pay.

Uplift fee

An uplift fee is a charge permitted by the law for lawyers to get from their clients for the favourable outcome of the case. This type of fee serves as a reward for the risk the lawyer undergoes should the case is unsuccessful.

The expense of hiring a lawyer for a compensation claim is the reason that discourages people. However, hiring a legal expert in times like this is a better option.